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How To Order From A Cannabis Mailorder Dispensary In Alberta

Where in Alberta, Canada Can I Buy Weed Online and Get High?

Alberta is one of the several provinces in Canada where buying weed is legal. If you're above eighteen, you can legally purchase cannabis in Alberta. The province may be conservative about letting residents smoke weed publicly, but it is still considered the capital of weed. That is because Alberta has the most legal sales of cannabis every year.
There are a total of 306 retail stores in the province from where you can purchase pot. Besides that, many online producers also sell weed in Alberta. In the region, every household can also grow four plants after getting an official permit. (Name) has made it super simple to buy weed in Alberta, Canada; no more line ups, high prices and slow shipping.

How To Get High In Different Cities | The Best Weed Dispensary

Each person explores and sees the world in a different light. Many people love the cities of Alberta due to beautiful landmarks and places. However, for stoner's things can get a little tricky. Although buying weed is legal in Alberta, there is a grey area when it comes to smoking publicly. Due to local laws, you can only smoke recreational cannabis at your residence. There are some campsites as well for stoners to get high legally. However, if you violate the marijuana laws, then you'll be prone to legal action.

Here is everything you need to know about the weed culture in Alberta:

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat is one of the sunniest cities in the province. It has many famous landmarks that are well-suited for tourists as well as stoners. The city also has 11 shops from where you can get your recreational cannabis. Here are some of the spots that you can explore in Medicine Hat after getting high:

  • Giant Chess Set
    Medicine Hat has the world's largest chess set located near the city's public library downtown. It is a permanent and outdoor chessboard that was built in 2009. There are giant pieces that are movable, so you can play a game to get a rush.
    Besides that, even if you don't know how to play chess, you can still take cool pictures at the landmark. There are even tables nearby where you can sit and watch others play the game.
  • Saamis Tepee
    The city is also home to the world's largest tepee called the Saamis Tepee. It was constructed in 1988 for the Calgary Olympics. Later the structure was moved to Medicine Hat.
    At the Saamis Tepee, you can learn more about the rich history of older civilizations through the storyboards in the structure. One of the best things about the Tepee is that it is an outdoor structure. That is why you can experience pretty sunsets at the site.
    Other than that, you can even find a remote spot at the site and get high. However, keep in mind the risk that comes with smoking cannabis in public

Red Deer

In Red Deer, all adults can purchase cannabis legally. However, only medicinal users are allowed to smoke it in public. So if you're a recreational user, you're out of luck. But that doesn't mean that you can't go out in public places after getting high. Here are some of the things you can do in Red Deer:

  • Visit Parks
    If you love visiting outdoor places after smoking weed, then Maskepetoon Park is built for you. It is located at the west end of the city and offers a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy. You can take a stroll on the various paths with your friends.
    The area is also windy. So you can relax while the cool breeze hits your body. At Maskepetoon Park, you can also enjoy looking at wildlife. But remember to maintain your distance and not to feed them.
  • Visit Eating Joints
    Once the weed kicks in, your appetite may increase. Luckily, in Red Deer, there are many famous spots you can enjoy good food at. For example, in the central part of the city, you can visit the Las Palmeras Restaurant.
    The restaurant is the go-to place to have some spicy Mexican food. You can also visit local joints to fulfill your cravings and enhance the cannabis experience.


Calgary is one of the liveliest cities of Alberta. It also offers various activities all year round. That is why you will never get bored in this city. Here are some of the best attractions for stoners in the city:

  • Telus Spark Centre
    If you and your friends want to get stoned and enjoy indoor places, then we suggest you check out the Telus Spark Centre after getting baked. The site is a science museum that is home to curious minds in Calgary.
    The best part is that you will find people of all ages there. So if you love to socialize and talk science, there is no better place than this museum. On adult nights, you can also enjoy alcohol and have some shots till late.
  • The Rec Room
    For all competitive stoners, The Rec Room is the best place in Calgary. What's so great about this place is that it has something for every individual. Not only that but it is a famous spot for many stoners in the city. So you’ll never feel out of place here.
    There are over eighty games at The Rec Room. So whether you want to get a rush by playing ping pong or arcade games, the place has got you covered. You can even enjoy virtual reality games. The Rec Room also has a bar with a menu that is fit for a stoner.
  • Fish Creek Park
    If you're a stoner with a passion for exploring the outdoors, visiting the Fish Creek Park in Calgary is a good decision. You can enjoy a good hike with your friends. You can also go biking at the various paths in the creek.
    The best attraction of the creek is the Sikome Lake located at the south-east end. The spot is trendy during summers and attracts many visitors. However, you can take a dip at the lake late at night and smoke some weed as the risk will be minimal.

Grand Prairie

Grande Prairie is one of the most relaxing cities in Alberta. You can enjoy cannabis at a few outdoor places without restrictions. For example, in some areas where smoking publicly is permitted, you can smoke weed too. But you should keep in mind that there should be no children nearby.
Besides that, there are a lot of activities you can do in the city. There are many museums and art galleries for your curious mind. Not only that, but Grande Prairie has a lot of outdoor parks you can visit. Here are some of the places to enjoy after getting stoned:

  • Eastlink Centre
    Do you love to go swimming after getting high? If so, the Eastlink Centre is the best place for you. You can enjoy swimming at the pool and even take lessons if you're interested in learning.
    The area also has hot tubs if you prefer a warmer environment after getting high. Th­­e Eastlink Centre is also well-known for its saunas. So if you're in the mood to just relax and enjoy good steam, you can visit this place.
  • Great Northern Casino
    One of the many ways to get an adrenaline rush after getting stoned is to play games. At the Great Northern Casino, you can play real-time poker and other card games.
    If you’re tight on budget, they also have slot machines to entertain you. Besides that, the place is always lively and full of people. So, you can make new friends and enjoy good music while having food.


This city of Alberta has a population of more than 100,000 people. The climate varies from warm summers to mild winters. That is why Lethbridge attracts visitors from all over. Apart from that, the city also has 24 retail stores from where you can get weed. Dozens of online producers also operate in the area if you want to be discreet. Below are some of the best locations for stoners to enjoy in Lethbridge:

  • Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden
    Enjoying a serene atmosphere is every stoner’s dream. Luckily, you can accomplish this by visiting the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge. It is the most unique and enticing attraction of the city. The garden isn't extraordinarily huge, but it is rich in beauty. You can chill near a water pond or enjoy sitting by the waterfall. You can even enjoy a variety of Japanese teas at the site. However, for stoners, the best time to visit the place is a little before sunset. That is because you can sit under the orange sky and watch the most spectacular sunset in the garden. The serene atmosphere will calm your nerves and take you into another world.
  • Coulee Taproom
    After getting stoned, beer is a must to enhance the experience. That is why Coulee Taproom is a famous spot for recreational users. You can sample various brews for an affordable rate. Not only can you try beers there, but you can also enjoy delicious food to satisfy your appetite. The best part is that they offer drinks from all over Alberta as well as their original brews.


Like most other cities of Alberta, Airdrie also adheres to strict laws when it comes to weed consumption. However, there is one outdoor spot where stoners can gather and get high. It is located behind a Co-op in the southwest region of the city.
The area may be a little shabby, but it's the only one where you can smoke weed without risking yourself. Here are some of the best things to do in Airdrie after consuming cannabis:

  • Bowling
    If you love to have fun indoors, then the Shamrock Lanes is one of the best attractions in Airdrie. The bowling alley has various lanes to accommodate large crowds. They also offer a variety of snack options such as fries, nachos, and drinks. So, you won’t have to leave the lanes to have a great day.
  • Visit Theatre
    The Bert Church Live Theatre is one of the best ways to enjoy a good night in Airdrie. Every night a different show is put on by famous performers. The facility is highly comfortable with professional lighting. That is why it is an excellent place to visit with friends and enjoy some drama.

St. Albert

St. Albert is the second-largest city in Alberta and an excellent place for outdoor lovers. However, it also follows strict laws when it comes to cannabis consumption. For example, even medicinal users can smoke in particular public areas only. Meanwhile, regular stoners cannot get high anywhere except for their residence.
The city has various parks to enjoy a picnic at, such as Centennial Province Park and Botanic Park. For stoners, one of the best places to enjoy in the city is The Enjoy Centre. It is a mall that has a spa and a dining place.
That is why it is an excellent place to visit with friends and enjoy some drama.

Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray is the city of Alberta that is considered a city for work by many people. It experiences long winters, and the sun barely sets at its peak during summers. That is why fun activities for stoners are not as prevalent in the city. One of the ways to enjoy yourself is by hopping on a quad bike and exploring trails. However, you should keep in mind that driving under the influence is prohibited. That is why you should be alert if you decide to drive around in quad bikes or go snowmobiling.

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Alberta is one of the several provinces in Canada where buying weed is legal. If you’re above eighteen, you can legally purchase cannabis in Alberta. The province may be conservative about letting residents smoke weed publicly, but it is still considered the capital of weed. That is because Alberta has the most legal sales of cannabis every year.

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