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How To Order From A Cannabis Mailorder Dispensary In Prince Edward Island

Where in Prince Edward Island, Canada Can I Buy Weed Online and Get High?

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the smallest province in Canada. It is rich in historic attractions, outdoor activities, and much more. But it is still behind when it comes to cannabis consumption. Unlike other provinces of the country, PEI has stricter laws regarding weed. Therefore, it is best to know them if you plan to get high.

Here is everything you need to know about buying weed and exploring PEI.

Like all the other provinces of Canada, weed consumption is legal in Prince Edward Island too. But there are only four stores in the region. Not only that, but all of them are government-owned.
Hence, when buying weed in PEI, you should tread carefully and follow all regulations. One thing to remember is that only people of 19 years and above are allowed to consume and purchase weed. Additionally, you need to have an ID or driver's license. If you try to get weed without proof of age, you can be charged with a fine or face legal action. Also, you can legally purchase weed online from the PEI stores. Besides that, there are other online providers in the region. Hence, getting weed in PEI is not that tough as long as you are an adult. Since the shops are government-owned, they are operated using strict rules. Therefore, no cannabis will be available on shelves. Instead, you will go through your options on a device such as a tablet. While buying the product, you cannot touch it as well. However, buyers are permitted to sniff through jars. Besides that, you can check the authenticity of the weed using a magnifying glass.

Unlike other provinces of Canada, PEI has put stricter restrictions on cannabis users. That is why you can get high in limited places only. As well smoking is prohibited in most public locations. In particular areas, smoking is allowed in multi-unit and communal living facilities. In rentals and condos, weed consumption is also legal by law. But your landlord can prevent you from smoking through a clause in the lease agreement. You can also safely smoke at your residence and other private properties such as tents, trailers, and hotel rooms. You can even consume weed in houseboats and RVs. However, smoking is prohibited in other vehicles regardless of the state of motion.

All recreational adult users are allowed to carry and purchase only thirty grams of weed at one time. Meanwhile, medicinal users are allowed up to 50 grams. But at home, you can store more than this limit. However, remember to ensure your stash is not accessible to kids at home. Any minor containing less than five grams of weed will have it seized and face graduation penalties. They will also have to undergo a diversion program.
On the other hand, minors with more than five grams will be prosecuted under federal law. That is why getting high only if you're 19 or above is essential. Besides, no adult can take a kid into a cannabis retail store. If you do so, then you will have to pay a fine and may face legal action.

How To Get High In Different Cities | The Best Weed Dispensary

As you can see, PEI has put strict restrictions on cannabis users. For example, you can only smoke in some public places. But that does not mean you can't enjoy the cities of PEI after getting a good buzz. Prince Edward Island is home to many beautiful cities.

Here are the top eight cities and activities you can do after getting high:


People describe Charlottetown as the best city in PEI. That is because it has various locations you can visit and enjoy. Besides that, one of the four retail cannabis stores is in this city. That is why it is a good hub for stoners to get their stash from.

So you can purchase weed from the store and get high. After that, you can explore the city. Here are the two top things you can do to get a good buzz:

  • Explore The Victoria Row
    Victoria Row is one of the prettiest locations in Charlottetown. The place is a street mall in the downtown region of the city. That is why you will find cafes, boutiques, restaurants, and galleries in one place. So you can go on a shopping spree after getting high, or you can fulfill your appetite. You can even grab a drink at one of the rooftop restaurants and watch the sunset. Or if you visit them at night, you can admire the stars in the sky.
  • Enjoy Ice Cream At The Wharf
    Peake's Wharf was founded over 150 years ago. Now it is home to more than 20 shops and restaurants. If you love being on the sea, you can enjoy a boat ride to the bay. You can sit at the pier and enjoy good music if you get seasick. Besides that, you can grab some Cow's ice cream from their store at the harbour.


Summerside has the honour of being PEI's second-largest city. It has a rich cultural history and offers visitors a holistic experience. That is why it is a great place to get high, especially since it harbours one of the PEI cannabis stores.

You can consume weed at your residence and then explore the city with your friends. Remember not to drive while high, as that is illegal in all parts of the province. Here are the top things to do in Summerside:

  • Visit The Paddle Shack
    If you love to do adventurous activities after getting stoned, then you should visit The Paddle Shack. You can try paddleboarding or kayaking to be in the water. Otherwise, you can rent a bicycle and ride around with your buddies.
  • Visit An Eatery
    Summerside is home to popular eating joints such as pizzerias, sushi restaurants, etc. That is why you should go have some food first. After that, light up the weed; we guarantee you will experience the best high of your life.


Cornwall is one of the great places to be in PEI. It is a small town, but there are many things you can enjoy. The only downside is that there is no cannabis retail store in the city.

However, you can purchase the weed online if you're an adult. Then after getting high, you can start your day with these top two things:

  • Go To An Adventure Course
    In Cornwall, you will find a few places that offer adventure courses. So you can enjoy a day full of engaging activities and fun. It will also be a great experience if you're an outdoor enthusiast. Rise and Climb is one of the places where you can enjoy the activities.
  • Take A Trip To Charlottetown
    Cornwall is only twenty minutes away from the bustling city of Charlottetown. Since driving while high is illegal, you can take a bus to the city. It will allow you to save money to enjoy the maximum at Charlottetown.


If you love a place with a low population and a quieter atmosphere, then Montague is the best town. You can enjoy the serene environment by visiting outdoor areas. That is because they are the most iconic attractions of Montague. So get stoned and then explore the city, starting with these two things:

  • Enjoy A Picnic At Knox's Dam
    Knox's Dam is one of the most beautiful places in Montague. You can grab some food and enjoy a picnic with your buddies. If you want to get the most out of your buzz, wait until sunset. Then, you can experience the most spectacular view from the Dam. If you're a fan of stargazing, then again, the site is perfect.
  • Enjoy Food At Copper Bottom Brewing
    This restaurant offers patio dining to all customers. You can grab a drink there and enjoy a day or night under the sky. The food there is also fantastic, so you should try it out if you get hungry.


Kensington is one of the favourite spots of stoners because of the engaging experience it offers to visitors. The town is just a few minutes away from Summerside. That is why people often visit for a few hours after returning to their native location.

You can have some weed delivered to your doorstep and then leave to enjoy a good day out. Here are the top places you can visit after getting stoned:

  • Haunted Mansion
    If you and your friends love to do something spooky after getting high, then the Haunted Mansion is a perfect place. The place is suitable for people of all ages and is designed for adventure enthusiasts. After exploring the Haunted Mansion, we bet you will thank us for the recommendation.
  • Venture Stables
    If you're a fan of horse rides, then visiting the Venture Stables will do you good. But you should remember not to go there if you're too high. Otherwise, you can injure yourself by falling off the horse or losing control. 


Stratford is a fantastic spot in Prince Edward Island. You can get some weed through an online seller. After getting high, you can explore various areas and enjoy a good buzz. Here are the two things you can do here:

  • Visit The Keppoch Beach
    Beaches are a haven for stoners. You can enjoy the sound of waves and get your feet wet. Or you can even go in for a swim and cool yourself. The best time to visit a beach in Stratford is just before sunset. So you can enjoy the spectacular colours of the sky. After that, you can stay there until the night and stargaze with your friends.
  • Go Golfing
    Golfing is a fun sport if you do it with your friends. That is why you can visit the nearest golf course after getting high. Then, after enjoying a day full of activity, you will be satisfied with your decision. You can even grab a bite afterwards.

Three Rivers

Three Rivers is one of the lesser-known towns of PEI. But you can still get your hands on weed. The best part is you face lesser restrictions in the town, but it is still better to be careful. Here are the two things you can do after getting stone:

  • Visit A Park
    You cannot smoke at public parks, but that does not mean you cannot enter them while high. If you love to enjoy nature, visiting a park will give you a good buzz. You can grab a bench and enjoy the chirping of birds.
  • Visit The Coast
    Being near the water can help you enjoy the calm atmosphere. You can immerse your feet in the water. It will soothe your nerves, and you can relax in a quiet environment.

North Shore

North Shore is well-known for its dunes, beaches, and much more. After getting high, you can explore the region starting with these two things:

  • Walk Around A Trail
    Driving may be illegal while high, but walking has no restrictions. That is why you can explore the various trails of North Shore. They will impress you, especially if you love nature.
  • Go Fishing
    The region has many fishing spots, and the activity is good if you want to hang out near the sea. You can catch some fresh seafood and then enjoy a BBQ at your residence. There you can smoke pot again and achieve a more incredible buzz.

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