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How To Order From A Cannabis Mailorder Dispensary In Ontario

Where in Ontario, Canada Can I Buy Weed Online and Get High?

Ontario is one of the most scenic provinces in Canada. It has a rich green landscape and is full of forests. And with the legalization of cannabis, it has found a different shade of green. However, it's best to learn about the laws before you get high in Ontario. Otherwise, you can get in trouble due to misconceptions. Here is everything you need to know about weed culture in Ontario.

In 2018, weed was legalized in Canada. Ontario is one of the provinces where you can get high legally. However, strict laws have also been placed to control the recreational population. According to the current rules, only people aged 19 and above can smoke weed.

People 19 years old and above can also purchase and possess cannabis. This weed can be medicinal as well as recreational. There is no restriction on that.

Under the marijuana laws, you can smoke weed only in certain places in Ontario. These include Private properties, Outdoor public places that have been allowed, and Smoking areas in various places, such as hotels, Testing and research facilities.

In all cities of Ontario, weed consumption is legal. But there are areas in which you cannot smoke cannabis. And if you still go ahead with getting high in these places, you'll be prone to legal action.

Hence, you should avoid violating the rules. Here are the places where smoking weed is illegal in all cities of Ontario. You cannot smoke or vape in particular indoor places. These include condos, educational facilities and hostels, enclosed workplaces, and indoor public places. No one is allowed to smoke weed in areas where children are present. These include school grounds, children's parks, and child-care centers. Not only that, but you cannot smoke in areas that are within 20 meters range of these places. It is prohibited to smoke near hospitals, psychiatric and other health facilities. It would be best if you were at least 9 meters away from the entrances and exits to consume weed near these places. No one can smoke in publicly owned places such as sports grounds and spectator areas. Besides, you cannot consume cannabis on sites within 20 meters of these places. Cannabis cannot be consumed in regular vehicles and boats. Also, it's prohibited to smoke in a moving boat or car. Many outdoor areas, such as club patios and places within 9 meters of patios, are unsuitable for smokers. No smoking is allowed within 20 meters of a government building.

There are two types of cannabis you can possess in the cities of Ontario. They are medicinal and recreational weeds. While adults can carry both of them, the amount varies.

  • Recreational Weed Capacity
    If you're 19 years old and above, you can purchase and consume weed in any city in Ontario. However, no one is allowed to carry more than 30 grams of cannabis at one time. 
  • Medicinal Weed Capacity
    Under federal law, medicinal uses can carry up to 150 grams of weed. This is 30 times greater than the typical dose that practitioners prescribe.

When weed was first legalized, Ontario Cannabis Store was the only weed retailer. But now, every city has weed retailers and online dispensaries. Besides that, users are also allowed to grow cannabis.

Every household is permitted to grow four plants. But keep in mind household does not mean every individual. Also, this limit is for recreational purposes only. Medicinal marijuana has different limitations as it comes under national laws.

How To Get High In Different Cities | The Best Weed Dispensary

Ontario is one of the provinces of Canada where you can get high in outdoor places. But, of course, you should still keep the restrictions in mind while doing so. Here are some of the top cities of Ontario and things you can do after that smoking weed:


Chatham-Kent is also called Maple City in Old English. The city is rich in beautiful landscapes. You can relax and watch sunsets at any of the beaches. To get you started, here are the top two things you can do in the city:

  • Look At The Classic Cars
    Chatham-Kent is referred to as the capital of classic cars. Every year in June, a car show takes place in the city. So if you're passionate about classic vehicles, give it a visit.

    The best part is that it will allow you to meet new people. Also, after watching the cars, you can eat in the area.
  • Go To Lake Erie
    After getting high, one of the things you can do is visit Lake Erie. Cruising along the coast will truly enlighten your mood. That is because the route to the lake is quite scenic.

    Places you'll come across on the way include Knights Beach, Krazy 8 Barn, and much more. The ride to the lake is short, but with so many places on the route, you're bound to make stops. 

St. Thomas

St. Thomas may be one of the smallest cities in Ontario, but that does not mean it's dull. On the contrary, the place has rich cultural history and offers many activities. Also, there are many cannabis retail and online stores to get your stash from.

So after smoking a joint, you can explore the various parts of the city. Here are the top places you can visit:

  • Pinafore Park
    Pinafore Park is a bespoke location. If you love getting high and exploring nature, this place is best for you. The site has massive gardens, a wildlife sanctuary, trails, and more.

    There is also a picnic area for families and friends. The best part is that it has baseball facilities for summer visitors. And for winter guests, the skiing trails are open. That is why you'll always enjoy Pinafore Park.

  • Waterworks Park
    This site is publicly owned, so you cannot smoke weed here. However, there are no restrictions on entering the place high. That is why you can enjoy it as much as you want to. Enjoying under splashes of water can be incredibly relaxing if you go with friends. Open all 12 months, the park also offers visitors a glimpse of marine species. That is why it is a fantastic place to enjoy after getting high.

St. Catharines

St. Catharines is the largest city in Ontario in the Niagara region. It is popularly known as the Garden City. That is because it has lush green gardens, trails, and parks.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in nature or do thrilling activities, the city has your back. So get high and start with these top two things:

  • Take A Stroll Around The Port
    Port Dalhousie is one of the best places to visit in St. Catharines. Surrounded by water, it will calm your nerves and allow you to relax. One of the fantastic things about this site is that you can observe incredible sunsets. The location is also home to St. Catharines most famous beach. You can even go fishing at the end of the pier. 
  • Explore A Vineyard
    Sipping exquisite wine after getting high is genuinely the best thing in the world. Luckily, St. Catharines has numerous vineyards throughout the city. The best part is that they all offer guests high-class wines.

    The region is famous for white and iced wines. These two are offered on almost every wine-tasting tour. Another great thing about the tastings is that they end with a gourmet meal. So you will enjoy a complete treat by exploring a vineyard.


Cornwall is famous for water sports such as sailing and surfing. But it is suitable for adventurers as well. There are gardens to visit, cliffs to wander, and iconic sites to explore. Besides that, a road trip to the city with friends can also be fun. Here are the two places you can enjoy after getting high:

  • McMaze
    McMaze is an outdoor activity farm that has five mazes. If you love solving puzzles, this is an excellent place to visit. You can explore the mazes and try to get out of them.

    The site is excellent for stoners who are outdoor enthusiasts. Even if you dislike participating in activities, you can still watch others. There are also other things to do at McMaze besides exploring mazes.
  • Envy Night Spot
    After getting high, it is common to go clubbing. And in Cornwall, there is no better nightclub than Envy Night Spot. The place operates from Thursdays to Saturdays. So if you love dancing to a good DJ and enjoy some great drinks, the Envy Night Spot is great. 


Welland is another city in Ontario that is popular for its outdoor places. That is why it is a good place for stoners. At some sites, you can even get high and enjoy good weed. Here are the top two things you can do in Welland:

  • Enjoy Bay Beach
    The Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ontario. The sound of water waves will soothe your nerves. Especially in winter, Bay Beach is a must-visit place.
  • Try Wines At Tawse Winery
    Tawse Winery is an award-winning winery. That is why it should be on your go-to list. After getting high, you can sample some fantastic wines at the location. The best part is that the place is open all seven days of the week.

Niagara Falls

North America is famous for its various attractive sites. And Niagara Falls is one of them. There are more than five retail cannabis stores in the region and many online shops. These are the top things you can do in the city:

  • Go On A Tour
    Many companies hold Niagra Falls tours throughout the year. If you want to get the best high, you should book a package. Exploring the city with other people will allow you to have a lot of fun.
  • Ride The Niagra SkyWheel
    The Niagra SkyWheel is Canada's giant observation wheel and gives you a spectacular view of the place. The ride lasts for eight to twelve minutes and includes a voice narration of the history of Niagra Falls.


Innisfil is a small town in Ontario and an excellent place for stoners. After getting high, you can do these top two things:

  • Visit An Eatery
    Innisfil has great eating joints that offer a variety of items. So you can smoke a joint and eat some delicious food. Or you can have the food first and then smoke up. Either way, you will experience the best high of your life.
  • Go On A Road Trip
    While there may be few things to do in the town, you can always leave it and visit the nearest sites. The great thing is that there are a few lakes near the city. So you can smoke weed, dip in the water, and return after a few hours.


Windsor is a medium-sized city in Ontario located along the Detroit River. The city is home to various parks, festivals, and much more. Here are the two best things to do in Windsor:

  • Visit The Adventure Bay Family Water Park
    This water park is one of the best places in Windsor. You can get high and then visit the place with friends. In addition, you can enjoy the water slides and numerous other activities at the site.
  • Visit A Casino
    Windsor is famous for its casino complexes. That is why you should check out one after getting high. But be sure not to spend on the big games if your budget is tight.

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