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How To Order From A Cannabis Mailorder Dispensary In BC

Where in British Columbia, Canada Can I Buy Weed Online and Get High?

One of the best places to get high in the world is British Columbia. From the scenic views to the fantastic cannabis culture, you will have everything you need. The place is a stoner heaven, and the experience will be incomplete without the buzz of weed. If this is your first time in British Columbia, you are in the right place. Here is your complete guide to the weed culture of this place and everything it has to offer to stoners. Yes, buying weed in British Columbia is legal ever since the legislative assembly passed the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act in 2018. The act officially legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana has been legal in the province for the past twenty years now.

The province has more than a hundred operational stores that sell weed. The retailers are also allowed to offer home delivery services for weed. The province is one of the oldest places in the countries to have a thriving weed culture, and it will only get better with years to come.

According to the Cannabis Provincial and Territorial Economic Accounts report of 2017, British Columbia is the number one producer of cannabis products. Out of total Canadian weed production, British Columbia accounts for almost 40%. So, if you want to buy and enjoy weed, there is no better place than British Columbia. (Name) has made it super simple to buy weed in British Columbia, Canada; no more line ups, high prices and slow shipping.

How To Get High In Different Cities | The Best Weed Dispensary

British Columbia is the most progressive province when it comes to marijuana use. You are allowed to possess thirty grams of weed in a public space. You can also get high in outdoor public spaces. However, if a public space does not allow smoking, you can’t smoke or vape cannabis either in that place. So, smoking weed in places such as restaurants, bars, and public transport is a big no. In simple terms, wherever you can smoke a cigarette, you can smoke a joint.

Smoking cannabis is one of the best ways to get high. Of course, if you have a beautiful place or some activities in front of you, the high will become even better. Here are the top cities of British Columbia and things you can do after smoking weed:

Prince George

Prince George is the biggest city on the northern side of the province. If you like short winters, it is the ideal place for you as the winters are short and mild here. The summers are also warm, and you can enjoy the sun for a good time.
There are six stores in Prince George that sell weed, and you can go there for recreational purchases. After hitting the weed dispensaries and getting high, here are the top spots you can explore:

  • Cottonwood Island Nature Park
    If you are a tree-hugging stoner, the Cottonwood Island Nature Park is ideal for you. The park covers more than thirty-three hectares, which is why you will find a quiet place to relax and enjoy nature at its finest. If you love the water, you will also enjoy canoeing and boating on the Nechako River adjacent to the park.
  • Royal Astronomical Society of CanadaPrince George Centre
    If you are intrigued by the mystery of the universe and want a small peak, this is the best place to visit after getting high. You can go to the Prince George Observatory and look closely at the moon, planets, and much more through the Cassegrain Telescope. You will be in awe of our planet and leave with a sense of gratitude.


Kamloops is located in South Central British Columbia. It offers an ideal climate to residents, and the location is perfect for families, singles, and everyone else. The North and South Thompson Rivers meet here, and it is the second-largest city in the province.
The city has a lot to offer to everyone. You can find something adventurous or relaxing, depending on what you prefer. Here are the top spots you can visit after getting high:

  • Riverside Park
    The beauty of the Thompson River is something that you should not miss in Kamloops. Riverside Park is the ideal place to get close to the river and in the heart of Kamloops. You can find a secluded spot here to get high and enjoy the picturesque river views and one of the most majestic sunsets you will ever witness.
  • Downtown Kamloops
    If you want to understand the true essence of Kamloops, you should head downtown to experience the local restaurants, shops, and cultural landmarks. All explorers love to come here to understand the city and its people even more. You will find a lot to do, which is why it is the ideal place to get high and spend your day.


Colwood is only ten kilometers away from Victoria and is one of the best waterfront communities. The place offers a rich heritage, connection to nature, and much more. It is one of the most peaceful places to visit for all stoners.
You will find many cannabis dispensaries to buy recreational marijuana and indulge in your guilty pleasure. Here are the top spots you can visit in Colwood after getting high:

  • Coast Collective Art Centre
    Stoners have a unique appreciation for the arts, which is why you will love visiting the Coast Collective Art Centre in Colwood. You will find some of the best art pieces that you will love to see. You can go with your friends and enjoy the best of art that Colwood has to offer.
  • Hatley Castle
    If you are an architecture fiend and love to see the remnants of the past, the Hatley Castle will be a delight to visit. You can get high, then go there and marvel at the beautiful landscape with shrubs and flowers all around. You will also find a sculptured X-men logo on the property.

Cordova Bay

Cordova Bay is a beautiful neighborhood in British Columbia, located at the east of Beaver Lake. It offers many parks, biking trails, hiking trails, and much more to the people living and visiting. You will find many weed stores where you can get some of the best cannabis.
After indulging in one of the best weeds in British Columbia, you can explore the area and do fantastic things to enjoy your buzz. Here are some of the top spots you can visit after getting high in Cordova Bay:

  • Beacon Hill Park
    The Beacon Hill Park spans more than 62 acres, and it features trails, water fountains, a petting animal farm, and much more. You can easily find a quiet place to relax and enjoy nature at its finest. Your trip to Cordova Bay will be incomplete if you don't visit this beautiful park.
  • The Butchart Gardens
    If you love lush greenery and colorful blooms, then The Butchart Gardens is a must-see sight for you. The garden has been there for more than a hundred years and offers some of the best greenery and flowers you will witness. So get high, go to these gardens, and you will feel more connected to nature than ever.


Vernon is set in a pastoral setting and is a small city in British Columbia. You will find more than forty weed dispensaries here. There is something to do for everyone here as people who love adventures and people who love peace will enjoy it here regardless. So, grab some of the best weed at a dispensary and then set out to explore the city the stoner way. Here are the top things you can do in Vernon after smoking that good stuff:

  • Splashdown Vernon If you and your friends love some water adventure, Splashdown Vernon is the best place to visit. They offer some of the most adventurous and popular water slides in the entire city that you will love. However, the site is fully booked in the summers, which is why it is always best to book your visit.
  • Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park Visiting Vernon without coming here should be a crime because it is one of the most scenic places for stoners to visit. The lake has colors of turquoise, green, blue, and they change according to the temperature. You can go there to swim, hike, fish, boat, and much more, which is why it is the best place for any stoner to visit.


Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, and it is the most popular destination for everyone. It offers things to do for stoners and other all year. It is a small city with friendly people and no land connection to Canada.
You can easily get around and explore everything without any hassle. So, get high and visit these top places in Victoria:

  • Royal BC Museum
    We know a museum might seem boring after getting high, but you haven’t been here yet. The Royal BC Museum will heighten your senses even further with displays that will play with your sights, sounds, smells, and much more. The interactive and 3D displays will make you feel as if you are actually in the forests and wetlands that make the culture and heritage of British Columbia.
  • Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site
    Get high and go with your friends to explore the Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site. It offers a seashore and some interesting places you can discover. The best part is that you can camp here overnight to take in the best of what Victoria has to offer.


Nanaimo is situated on the east coast of Vancouver Island. It is one of the most scenic cities in all of British Columbia as the harbor is the main focus of the city. What makes this city the most unique is the nature and wildlife it has to offer.
You will also find many weed shops here without a hassle. You can smoke a joint and visit these top places:

  • Take A Twenty Minute Flight To Sechelt
    Nanaimo is the top hub for floatplanes in British Columbia. That is why you can take a twenty-minute flight to and from Sechelt. You will witness some of the best views, and Sechelt is a remote island that will offer you the best of British Columbia.
  • Neck Point Park
    Neck Point Park is one of the most popular places for scuba diving, swimming, picnicking, or walking. You will witness much marine life from here, and you can experience a majestic sunset. If you want to relax in a park and watch the marine life or take a deep dive into the water, this is the best place to visit.


Finally, we have Squamish, where you will find the ocean, mountains, trails, rivers, weed shops, and much more. If you love the outdoors and you love to smoke weed, this place will be heaven for you. It is an hour from Vancouver and is slowly becoming a fantastic destination for tourists.
Here are the top things you can do in Squamish after getting high:

  • Sea To Sky Gondola
    See some of the best views and immerse yourself in the mountains with this ten-minute Sea to Sky Gondola. Once you reach the top, you can explore some of the best natural places and hike wherever you want. If you want to see Squamish from a high altitude and witness its beauty, this is a must.
  • Alice Lake Provincial Park
    Alice Lake Provincial Park is secluded, but it has a lot to see and much more to do. You can camp here overnight, smoke weed, and watch the beautiful lake and stars in all their glory. However, you can spend the day here too, just taking in the beautiful lakes and exploring everything it has to offer.

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