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How To Order From A Cannabis Mailorder Dispensary In New Brunswick's

Where in New Brunswick, Canada Can I Buy Weed Online and Get High?

New Brunswick is one of the popular provinces of Canada. It has various cities and sites for tourists. The province is also an excellent spot for travellers.
However, for smoker's things can get tricky. If you plan to consume weed in New Brunswick, you need to know the rules and regulations. Otherwise, your ignorance can get you in trouble.
If you’re looking to learn more about cannabis culture in New Brunswick, you’re in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about buying weed and exploring New Brunswick. Weed is legal in the province, just like every other province of Canada. But unlike other places, New Brunswick has strict laws for users. That is why it is not the best place for stoners. However, you can still get a good high in various cities of New Brunswick. This is because there are twenty legal retail stores in the province in different regions. Besides that, only people of age 19 and above can enter the shop and get weed. Not only that, but you need to have some proof with you. Otherwise, you can get in trouble. Additionally, you won't be able to look at the product from outside the store. At any time, you can purchase only thirty grams of recreational weed. However, for medicinal use, you can get up to 150 grams. But keep in mind that for medicinal cannabis, you will have to show extra proof.

How To Get High In Different Cities | The Best Weed Dispensary

Unlike other places, New Brunswick has a complete ban on smoking weed in public spots. Cannabis use is prohibited in smoke-free areas as well. You cannot even consume it in places that are allowed for regular smoking and vaping.
The only place you can get high is at your own property. You can even consume and grow weed in rentals. But keep in mind that the landlord can prevent you from that through the lease agreement. That is why if you are a stoner, you should know about your place's rules.
On the other hand, it is prohibited to smoke weed vehicles when they are on-road or off-road. You cannot even get high on boats, no matter the state of motion. Besides that, if you carry weed in a vehicle, it should be in an enclosed container and away from the driver.
The only way to get a good buzz is not just by smoking wherever you want to. You can get high at your place and then explore your city or other regions of the province. There are many activities that can offer you an enriching experience.
If you don’t know what to do after getting high, you’re in the right place. Here are the top eight cities of New Brunswick and some examples of what you can do thereafter getting stoned:


Moncton has the honour of being the largest city in New Brunswick. That is why you can enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities. The city is full of attractive sites and well-reputed restaurants. You can get high at your residence and then explore various parts of the city. Here are the top two things you can do after getting stoned in Moncton:

  • Visit The Magic Mountain
    For stoners, water parks are a great way to get a good buzz. And in Moncton, the best one is the Magic Mountain. People of all ages are allowed to enter and enjoy a fun day. There are many pools and exciting slides at the park. Not only that but there are dry adventurous activities too. So if you're not a water lover, you can enjoy them. The best part is that it won't affect your finances that much.
  • Explore The Magnetic Hill
    The city is also home to the world's largest tepee called the Saamis Tepee. It was constructed in 1988 for the Calgary Olympics. Later the structure was moved to Medicine Hat.
    At the Saamis Tepee, you can learn more about the rich history of older civilizations through the storyboards in the structure. One of the best things about the Tepee is that it is an outdoor structure. That is why you can experience pretty sunsets at the site.
    Other than that, you can even find a remote spot at the site and get high. However, keep in mind the risk that comes with smoking cannabis in public

Saint John

Saint John is one of the oldest Canadian cities that dates back as far as 1604. That is why it is famous for sightseeing and other activities. You can enjoy different aspects of the city.
You can have weed delivered to your doorstep and get high instantly. After that, you can go out during the night or day. Here are some of the things you can do while high:

  • Explore Market Square
    Market Square is a street that will give you the same feels as historical periods. The brick-walled buildings offer an old-world vibe to the visitors. However, the road comes with a modern charm of bars and eateries.
    At the north side of the market pier, you can also experience festivals and events during different times of the year. After getting high, you can go on a shopping spree at Market Square during the day. However, you will get the best buzz at night when the pubs open and a crowd gather.
  • Enjoy Sunshine At King’s Square
    This is a park located in the city. If you're a history buff, then it is one of the best places to explore. You can see the monuments and statues of Canadian war heroes and much more.
    Besides that, the park is an excellent spot for picnics too. So if you want to enjoy a calm and lazy day with friends, King’s Square is perfect. The benches at the park are comfortable too if you prefer to be alone.


Fredericton is a small city in New Brunswick. But the exciting thing is that it gives the same vibes as a big city. That is because there are so many things to do in this region of Canada. You can get high and then explore a variety of options in the city. After getting stoned, you can start with these top two activities:

  • Go On Brewery Tours
    Fredericton is well-known for being the home of craft beers. That is why to get a good buzz, it is essential to go on various brewery tours. The first place you should start from is TrailWay Brewing.
    The company produces high-quality ales that resemble the American style. Their tasting facilities open every noon. That is why they are a good option during the day. After that, you can stop by other breweries, too, if you don't want your high to end soon.
  • Visit The Theatre
    The Fredericton Playhouse is the best source of entertainment after getting stoned. You can watch various productions at this local theatre. The best thing is that all artists are highly skilled. So if you want to experience good theatre, then you must visit the Playhouse.


Oromocto is a great city of New Brunswick located in Sunburn County. The place has something for every individual. That is why you will never feel bored here. To get high, you should purchase the weed first and smoke at your residence. Then you can do these top two things and more if you wish:

  • Visit The Military History Museum
    There is nothing better than learning more about the history of your country. The stories will amaze you and make you proud of your heritage. So if you love to learn about history after getting stoned, then you should visit this museum.
  • Great Northern Casino
    One of the many ways to get an adrenaline rush after getting stoned is to play games. At the Great Northern Casino, you can play real-time poker and other card games.
    If you’re tight on budget, they also have slot machines to entertain you. Besides that, the place is always lively and full of people. So, you can make new friends and enjoy good music while having food.


Quispamsis-Rothesay is one of the most attractive regions of New Brunswick. The place is well-known for its beaches and cultural history. That is why it offers a lot of fun activities for stoners. So get high and start your exploring tour with these two things:

  • Enjoy Sunset At Meenan’s Cove Beach
    All stoners have a thing for beautiful views and beaches. That is why Meenan's Cove Beach is an excellent spot to enhance your buzz. You can enjoy a cool atmosphere and the best sunset from the place. Afterwards, you can grab a bite from an eating joint nearby.
  • Visit The Town Of Arts & Culture Park
    During the winters, this place is a must-see. They put lights all over the night and with snow the view is fantastic. You can enjoy a good buzz at night by spending some time at this park.


Getting a good high in Bathurst is relatively easy. The city is rich in iconic attractions. That is why you can easily enjoy your days and nights.
You should get a good variety of cannabis from a retail store or online provider. After getting stoned, you can do these top things to enjoy your time:

  • Explore Daly Point Nature Reserve
    If you love watching wildlife, then this reserve is the best site in Bathurst. You can look at a variety of animals and walk around various trails. This will allow you to increase your knowledge. If the sunset takes place while you're there, that will be a bonus.
  • Wander La Promenade Waterfront
    If you don't have money on you, that does not mean you cannot enjoy a good high. One way to travel cheap is by exploring the La Promenade Waterfront. You can walk around with your peers and enjoy a good talk. Or you can go window shopping. There are a lot of benches for sitting as well when you get tired.


Edmundston is a great city to be in, especially during winters. You can take advantage of many activities. Even the nightlife in the city is fun. After getting high, you can enjoy these top two activities:

  • Visit Mont Farlagne
    The best way to get a good buzz in winter is to enjoy some time at a ski resort. And Mont Farlagne is the best one in the city. You can enjoy various thrilling activities. They will surely give you the rush you desire to get a good buzz.
  • Visit Restaurants
    There are many restaurants and eateries that offer inexpensive yet great food in the city. That is why you should visit one of them with your friends. Nothing is better than getting good food after getting high.


Fort McMurray is the city of Alberta that is considered a city for work by many people. It experiences long winters, and the sun barely sets at its peak during summers. That is why fun activities for stoners are not as prevalent in the city. One of the ways to enjoy yourself is by hopping on a quad bike and exploring trails. However, you should keep in mind that driving under the influence is prohibited. That is why you should be alert if you decide to drive around in quad bikes or go snowmobiling.

  • Visit The Miramichi River
    The Miramichi River has quite a spectacular view. That is why it is a great hub for stoners. You can enjoy the cooler environment near the water and have a relaxing day.
  • Do Adventurous Activities
    There are many recreational centers and places that you can visit in this region. Doing something adventurous will give you a rush and enhance your high. Some places you can see are French Fort Cove, Irving Eco Center, and much more.

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